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Road Trip To Sloppy Joes

It seems as if people have mixed feelings, often going back to their hometown after not being there for years, and that was true for me. I packed up my things, got Mia in the car, and we were on a road trip adventure to Ohio, Michigan, and back to Florida.

My first stop was my hometown of Cambridge, Ohio, where my friend Marsha and I visited Amish Country, which was a regular trip for me while living in Ohio. We had fun taking selfies in a buggy, seeing buggies, and laughing a lot. We stopped for wine, pizza and fun shopping.

Once back in my hometown, I of course had to get some local flare of my favorite pizza from Wally's Pizza and the next day, a tasty Sloppy Joe with fair fries from Trail Diner, both in Cambridge, Ohio. The little pepperonis and their crust at Galaxy are my favorite.

Trail Diner is a family-owned business popular for its Pizza Burgers, Bobcat Burger (named after the Cambridge High School Bobcats), and their ice cream. My favorite is their Sloppy Joe and a side of fair fries. For as long as I can remember, they have been cutting fresh fries, and they are best when sprinkled in malt vinegar. Two friends in my life have worked there for many years, the owner is in a local band and it is always a place you sit down with friends at when you are there. When you stop in, be sure to tell Rob and April I sent you.

I headed to Michigan to see friends of mine who used to live in Cambridge, but since I moved, they have moved to be closer to family. Lou and Barb fostered Mia for me while I was seeking an apartment to move to so I could adopt her, and Mia was happy to see old friends as much as I was happy to see human friends and furry ones.

Before leaving Cambridge, Ohio, I had to stop at what used to be my grandparent's farm, a place I spent most of my childhood. My Pap and Grandma had a huge farm with cattle, sheep, and many stray cats. After their passing, my dad and his siblings sold the farm to the local school district, and one of the ways of making sure my grandparents were not forgotten was to name the road after them, which leads to the new high school.

Overall, it was a great trip but it was hard to be there missing my parents who have passed away, the animals I used to be around and friends I was again leaving behind with no idea of when I will see them again. I do not miss the cold weather - just wanted to make sure everyone knows that.


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