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Creating art has always been important for me and through photography I have been had many unique opportunities with my camera in hand.

Clients such as the MLB, NFL, accredited zoos, marketing firms and newspapers kept me on the move and I have enjoyed the variety. My photography style is more of a journalistic style as I enjoy capturing people interacting with their environment and studying animal behaviors to help me be able to anticipate the next "shot".

My passion is wildlife and animal photography but I very much enjoy event photography. There is just something about an ever changing scene that I thoroughly enjoy.

Another art form I enjoy is pyrography. I am self-taught and it is very relaxing. Each piece is unique and inspired by nature.

The creation of each one-of-a-kind piece is closely supervised by my best friend / dog Mia.

Mia, the Astrodog was created by me for my fence and enjoyed by many passing by.


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