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Jumping for Rockets

Cape Canaveral Space Force Station is less than 30 minutes from me, and I had the opportunity to attend Family Day, which did not disappoint. I was not sure what to expect, but I was given so much information about some of the operations there it was an overload. We were given a layout with descriptions of designated stops and I had the freedom to stop at any of them as many times as I wanted but as the day progressed, the more people there were in attendance and just as interested as I was.

The highlight of my day there was stopping at Blue Origin to be at the site where New Glenn will be launching from at LC-36. When I am given opportunities such as this, I recognize that I am lucky. One day, New Glenn will launch from the pad behind me in the photo below. I will be here on the Space Coast, hearing the countdown and seeing liftoff.

The other stop I was overwhelmed with excitement was at the Morrell Operations Center. I was able to stand in the areas where staff coordinates rocket launching. In the same building was the weather squadron, which overwhelmed me with information. I look forward to another opportunity to attend Family Day so I can slow down, soak up more information as well and have questions prepared.


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