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Guess What Day It Is?

We all know and love (even if you do not wish to admit it) the Geico commercial with the camel where he asks what day it is. That camel is the same kind as Sammy at the Brevard Zoo.

Sammy, the 12 year old Dromedary camel held up the train at the Brevard Zoo and after a brief stand off, Sammy finally took a few steps away from the tracks. There are two species of camels and the second one is a Bactrian camel. Easiest way to remember this when you want to identify what species of camel you are looking at, is that the letter, "B" has two humps and so do Bactrian camel and the Dromedary camel has one hump, just like the letter, "D".

Camels actually store fat that they can use for nourishment in the event that they don't have food and can close their nostrils as a barrier against sand in the desert.

The train ride at the Brevard Zoo is not long but takes you on a short ride to see animals that you cannot see along their walking paths.

Sammy is slow moving away from the train tracks as he was trying to stand his ground.


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