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Fireball at The Amp

I think it goes back to 19 years ago when I was a photography intern with The Pittsburgh Pirates; that was when my love for Latin music began. The players each had their own up-to-bat song, and many chose a Latin song. Pitbull was one of their songs, and I was forever hooked. From 2006 to 2014, when I began to teach Zumba, I listened to Pitbull, in the car, at home, anywhere I could, and I thought attending a Pitbull concert was going to be amazing.

I bought myself a pit ticket for the Pitbull concert being held at The Amp in St. Augustine, FL, and got there early so to ensure a front-row standing place for the best concert ever. Pitbull was almost an hour late to begin, then he ended almost 45 minutes early. He did not do much singing and spent a lot of time grinding on his dancers. I get that is the show, but I was disappointed. I gathered he was there for show, not for much singing. I think the point in the show, which was the turning point, was when he flicked his sweat on the crowd, which flew into my face, and shortly after that, someone's bra was thrown onto the stage for him. He used it to wipe his sweat, then threw it back in the crowd. Ladies went as far as punching me in the face (by accident), to get a random woman's bra soaked in Pitbull sweat.

I stayed until the end, but I could not get out of there soon enough.

The Amp though, was an amazing place that I would return to for future concerts. The bathrooms remained clean through the show and the staff were all very nice. I think any seat in the house, would be a great seat to see any artist of your choice. I would purchase a seat and stay away from the pit area.


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