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Every Dog Has A Porpoise

I stumbled upon Brevard's very best boat tour! Wildside Tours in Cocoa Beach is your one stop shop for everything you need and everything you did not know you needed.

I was so excited to see whatever wildlife I would be lucky enough to see but I was very hopeful to see wild dolphins because since moving to Florida, three years ago, I have yet to see one. Now I know what you are thinking. "Kerri, you need to get out more!" and you are absolutely right and I have started to recently. I shall spare you the boring details as to why I have not gotten out more.

I was really impressed by the guide's knowledge she was able to share with us about the history, wildlife, rocket launches, astronauts, and the vegetation. There was never a quiet moment with so much information but it was presented in such a way that made you realize she really loves where she lives. I did not know I was about to get that amount of information but that is what really was golden about the tour and it was absolutely amazing.

Now this story isn't about dolphins, but about a beautiful dog that I have never met. As we noticed a small pod of dolphins, it was difficult to ignore this excited reddish colored, long-haired dog that ran out of the house and to the end of the dock. It had the biggest smile, tail wagging a mile a minute and looking like it just found the golden bone of a lifetime. Even though I wanted to take more photos of the dolphins, of course I was drawn in by the excitement that this dog.

This dog sure is living the good life along the water in Cocoa Beach, FL.

I was so glad that we were able to hang out there so I could not only watch this fun interaction of the dog and dolphins but I was anticipating something that finally happened. It kept anxiously watching the dolphin, only letting out the occasional bark. I mean, who doesn't when they see dolphins?! My favorite thing to take photos of is animal to animal and human to animal interactions. If you pay attention, watch behaviors, anticipate the next behavior then it is likely you set yourself up with a fun photo. I kept watching it and it started to line up and I have a feeling I was laughing so hard out loud that others may have thought I was a little off. Don't worry, this dog was taught well and was on great behavior. It never jumped in and did not touch the water at all.

I knew I needed out in the sun to do something I have never done before, but I did not know I needed so this dog's energy which fueled my soul.

A well behaved dog jumps for excitement over seeing a dolphin nearby.

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