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A Thai Combo

Five years ago, I went on a short adventure to Phuket, Thailand and I have really missed the food, the people and the culture. Today, when I visited Wat Punyawanram it was like I never left Phuket.

On Sundays, they have vendors, food and a morning chant. I learned through some Facebook comments to arrive early and I am glad I did because by the time that I left, it was packed full of people at tables eating and walking out with to-go food. I was not sure what to do, but a nice couple apparently noticed the slightly confused look on my face and led the way.

A local Thai volunteer helped serve food and also explain what the choices were which ranged from vegan to a variety of meats. She said they start very early to prepare the meals for the day.

While there were so many choices, a nice Thai volunteer suggested I get the "combo" which she said was a little of everything so I could try it all. You better come hungry or be prepared to reheat it later at home because they are very generous with the portions. She scooped up a little of each dish and then when I got to the end of the line I noticed my favorite Thai dessert, Mango with Sticky Rice. This dessert is not to be missed if you enjoy mango

Mango Sticky Rice is a sticky rice with coconut milk and sliced mango and topped with tiny sesame seeds.

I can't really tell you what it is about Thai culture but maybe it is their calm vibes that I am attracted to and that I crave but the beautiful statues, flowers and colors are always interesting to photograph and to see.

When I asked if it was okay to take photos of their morning chant, I was welcomed with no hesitation and the monk even acknowledged me and I thanked him in Thai. I listed to their morning chant and observed them serving him lunch. Prior to their morning chant, a kind Thai lady from Orlando and I were talking and she asked someone to get me their morning chant book in English for me.

Everyone who brought the Monk food, sat it down and put a little in his silver bowl. After it was all served, he scooped it out and served himself into another smaller bowl to eat from.

I am unclear as to their hours on Sunday but I believe it starts around 9am but I arrived around 9:15am and there were already several people there eating. I do think I read it may be 9-1 but please do not quote me on this and I can't find much information for the hours on Sunday. On June 26th they are having a celebration for their anniversary and will have many vendors and more monks. They do have a Facebook page which is

Next time I visit, I am trying their soup!


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